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March 15, 2013
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April 22, 2013

It’s school holiday again.  Here are 50 simple outdoor activities to get your kids outside without breaking the bank. They are just simple everyday things we  can do without too much planning or cost.

  1. Go on a bug hunt.
  2. Run through a sprinkler.
  3. Melt some crayons in the sun .
  4. Play in a sandbox.
  5. Paint some rocks with water colors.
  6. Wash the paint away with the hose.
  7. Hunt for “dinosaur” bones.
  8. Play with a hose.
  9. Play Angry Birds ( with water balloons).
  10. Ride a bike or scooter around the block.
  11. Plant something ( anything) in the garden.
  12. Mix some colors with water balloons.
  13. Climb up a tree, a wall or a jungle gym.
  14. Have a backyard toy car wash .
  15. Wash a real car .
  16. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
  17. Have a family meal outside.
  18. Dig in the dirt.
  19. Jump in puddles.
  20. Have a soccer shoot out.
  21. Paint with a fly swatter.
  22. Put down some painter’s plastic, grab a hose and have a homemade slip and slide!
  23. Make a stepping stone for your garden.
  24. Catch and release some frogs.
  25. Go for a hike.
  26. Play catch with a ball ( or water balloons on a hot day).
  27. Take some books outside and read under a tree.
  28. Stack and balance rocks.
  29. Have an ice cream taste test.
  30. Find, sort and make a leaf scrapbook.
  31. Make a treasure map and find treasure.
  32. Host the mini Olympics.
  33. Explore shells, crabs and rocks at the beach.
  34. Pick Flowers and paint with them.
  35. Find shapes in the clouds.


What outside activity for kids  would you add to the list?

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