About Us

ALIMKids is managed by ALIM Consultancy & Resources (1765810-H), based n Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Introducing ALIMKids:


Put them together…It becomes ALIM, which means one with knowledge.

Ultimately, our aim is to create a Muslim child who is full of knowledge, both of this world and hereafter, and is able to use that knowledge for the betterment of the Ummah.

At ALIMKids, we strive to enrich the children’s hearts with the love of Allah and Islam, and their minds with knowledge that benefits them and the Ummah.

What We Offer

At ALIMKids, we offer the following:

  • ALIMKids Bookshop
    The unique bookshop which specialises in Islamic products, such as books, CDs & games for children and Islamic enrichment programs for children from 2-12 yrs old.   Our main programs are ALIMkids Playgroup (2-4 yrs old), ALIMkids Playschool (3-4 yrs old), ALIMkids Bookworms (5-12 yrs old).
    We currently have the bookshop operating in USJ Subang Jaya, Wangsa Maju & Kota Damansara.  We also have an online store at www.AlimkidsBookshop.com as well as on facebook at facebook.com/AlimkidsBookshop


  • ALIMkids Playgroup Business Licence
    ALIMKids Playgroup is a mother & child playgroup program for children 2-4 yrs old.  It is a one hour, once a week program with a structured lesson plan.  We offer the playgroup as a business opportunity for those who wants to start a playgroup in their community.  The ALIMKids Playgroup programme is also available for use in daycare (nursery) centres.   More details at Alimkidsplaygroup.blogspot.com


  • Registered ALIMKids Resellers (RAR)
    For those who would like to sell our books, we offer a low-risk reseller program where they can sell our books without having to purchase any stocks from us.  The program is a combination of dropship and pre-order concept.  More details here
    If you need more information, please email us at alimkids@gmail.com or call 03 8024 8664.