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March 1, 2013
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March 25, 2013

We found an old blogpost from a mother who sent her daughter to our playgroup in 2010. Let’s read what she thought about our playgroup.

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Since April 2010, I’ve been sending Azalia to a weekly class with Alimkids playgroup. I stumbled across the playgroup when I was googling for weekend play sessions because I thought its time Azalia learn socialise. Then I found ummikusayang website and it lead me to its branch in TTDI. It was a home based playgroup ( but will soon move to Kota Damansara) and the session lasts an hour.

At first Azalia was a bit hesitant which is understandable because it’s her first ‘schooling’ experience.. but I could see she’s starting to take interest as she participated in the arts and crafts session and enjoyed it and started interacting with teacher Fatin. So I immediately enrolled her and till this day she looks forward to going to teacher Fatin’s class every Saturday.

What I like about the program is it teaches them the basics like alphabets, numbers, colours and animals.. but these are taught using the khalifah concept where they incorporate Islam in the basics. Azalia easily grasp the concept of Islam through the songs she learned and I never imagined that at 3 my daughter would already know her 5 pillars of Islam and started asking questions to understand them further.

And it is not only Azalia who learn things in the playgroup. I also learned a few stuff by observing the teacher’s interactions with her. I was able to learn ways of teaching my own daughter. I was also made aware of a lot of suitable learning products to make learning fun for her which is a bonus in my opinion.

The new modules are going at RM200 and each module has 8 classes.Seriously I think this is cheaper than other playgroups that I’ve surveyed. Most are going for more than RM180 per month and that’s 4-5 classes only(I’m comparing with PJ area here so kalau ada murah dkt area lain tatau ye). They have several branches around KL in Selangor. The program is suitable for kids from 2-4 year old and I highly recommend them. Since it’s a playgroup.. mothers sit with their kids in these sessions. You can visit their website for further info.


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