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April 3, 2015

Latest ALIF Play&Learn Centres!

Looking for ALIF Play&Learn  Centres near you? Check this out.  
February 10, 2015

How to Develop a Love of Reading in Children

Reading to children is an enjoyable experience for both adult and child. There are many benefits of reading to children as well as many reading options. […]
February 10, 2015

Finding Balance in Raising Muslim Children

In Loving Memory of our beloved sister, Maria Zain who passed away in the UK on December 28, 2014 while giving birth to her sixth child, […]
June 18, 2014

Ramadhan Freebies!

Dapatkan carta Ramadhan percuma dan Diari Ramadhan *baru* untuk menggalakkan anak-anak berpuasa Ramadhan ini! Klik sini :
June 27, 2013

Ramadan Mini Workshop 2013

Ramadhan is coming soon…! Are you Ready for Ramadhan? Come and join our mini-workshop where we will share with the children on why Ramadhan is special, […]
June 19, 2013

Like us on FB!

We reached our 1000th likes on our facebook fanpage already. We hope to be able to be part of your children’s early education. Like us on […]
June 19, 2013

Happy Father’s Day from ALIMKids Playgroup

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, Daddy, Abi, Abah, Ayah and Papa out there! Here’s a tribute to the Fathers @ ALIMKids :). Song Credit […]
April 22, 2013

Helping Your Child with Reading

We may encourage reading to our children by having some conversation with them.  Here are some questions that may help you to support your children’s reading […]
March 29, 2013

ALIMKids Playgroup Kuantan Free Preview

Assalamualaikum dear parents! InsyaAllah we will start a new ALIMKIDS Playgroup in Kuantan! Yeay! Hence, we are looking for new friends to join us here. Please […]
March 25, 2013

35 Simple Outdoor Activities To Do

It’s school holiday again.  Here are 50 simple outdoor activities to get your kids outside without breaking the bank. They are just simple everyday things we  […]
March 15, 2013

ALIMKids Playgroup from Mommy’s Perspective

We found an old blogpost from a mother who sent her daughter to our playgroup in 2010. Let’s read what she thought about our playgroup. Original […]
March 1, 2013

How to Read to Your Child

The single most important thing you can do to help your child learn to read is something you probably already do: read to her every day. […]