Children learn best thru PLAY!

Welcome to Alimkids! We offer Islamic playgroup, islamic playschool and islamic play-based preschool programs.
our main mission is to nurture the hearts of your children to love ALLAH, with exemplary AKHLAQ and enthusiasm to LEARN through play-based approach.

Nurturing for the
betterment of the Ummah

Our curriculum is designed to nurture holistic Muslim children who are caring, curious learners and independent individuals.

We emphasize on these five components in all our Islamic playschool and preschool programs:

These components are delivered through play-based activities and experiential learning which are suited to the children’s age and development.

We use variety of tools to help learners learn, including puzzles, story books, playdoh, blocks, manipulative and sensory toys. Learning is not limited to the classroom, as we have field trips and outdoor activities too.

There are three core programs that we offer at Alimkids:

Alimkids Playgroup

As the pioneer of Islamic playgroup in Malaysia, our playgroup has undergone a few revisions for improvement, yet staying true to it’s original goal: To provide a fun and nurturing environment for children and parents to play and learn, with emphasis on early tawheed and social & emotional development.

The playgroup program is a one-hour parent & child program which includes:

• Active Play
• Early Phonics
• Sensory Play
• Arts & Crafts
• Song & Movement

Alimkids Playschool

Alimkids Playschool program is developed for children age 4 years old. Our Islamic Playschool program nurtures spiritual, socio-emotional, language and personal development, through play-based approach. At Alimkids, we cherish the uniqueness of a child by acknowledging individual’s strength and learning pace. Thus the program is customized according to each child’s readiness to allow them space for growth and exploration.


Alimkids Preschool

Alimkids Preschool program is developed for children ages 5 & 6 years old. Our Islamic preschool program focuses on these areas of development: Spiritual, Physical. Intellectual, Creativity & Emotional to nurture a holistic child.

At Alimkids, we embrace the 21st century way of learning which are:

• Communicate
• Collaborate
• Create
• (Think) Critically

We also offer these supporting programs:

Unwind @ Alimkids

An after school program which includes life skills activities, reading, crafts and homework assistance. The content of the program may differ slightly among the centres, based on the needs of the children.

Holiday Fun @ Alimkids

Enrichment programs during school holidays which instills Islamic values & life skills through various fun, interactive activities. The content of the program may differ slightly among the centres, based on the needs of the children.


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