Ramadan Downloads

The much awaited month of Ramadan is soon approaching.  As we eagerly prepare ourselves for the fasting month, let us invite our children to join in the preparation.  One way to do it is by using a Ramadan Chart which they can keep track of their Ramadan activities, namely their solat, Quran reading, fasting and good deeds.

We have the Ramadan Chart both in English and Bahasa. You can choose one which is suitable for your child.  The Ramadan Chart is suitable for children ages 5-7 years old.

Check out the video on how to fill up the Ramadan Chart here:

For older children, we have the Ramadan Journal, where they can fill in more reflections and activities. There are three main activities the children write in their journal. The first one is Quran Lessons where they write down lessons they learn from certain ayat from the Quran that they read or learn. The second one is Ramadan Crafts where they can find craft activities to do (refer to FB: @alimkids for ideas) and the third one is the Good Deeds Jar where they share one good deed they did that day. So, they record one of the above activity per day.

Check out the video on how to fill up the Ramadan Journal here:

The Ramadan Chart and Ramadan Journal are available for free download. They are available in .pdf format.  It is not for resale or for profit / commercial use.