Home Activity: Fruit Smoothie.

By Lily Maznah Muas

Time for a smoothie!
Add some fruits in and we have delicious & nutritious Fruit Smoothie.  The best part is, children can also help out in preparing this yummy drink.

Fruit Smoothies are made from fruits and milk, blended together until smooth. This mixture contains vitamins and fiber from fruits, plus calcium and protein from milk. Use fruits which are naturally sweet so you don’t need to add additional sugar, such as banana, mango or strawberries. You can also add some honey or yogurt if needed.

How can children help?

Photo: Alimkids Bukit Jelutong 

They can help washing the fruits and cutting them into small pieces. Use children friendly knives. Cutting is a good activity for their hands control and focus. Talk to the children too about colour, texture and smell of the fruits.

They can also help pour the milk into the blender. Pouring is good for their hands control too.

Photo: Alimkids Cyberjaya

For added nutrition and taste, add some yogurt and nuts in the smoothie.

Recipe for easy Banana Oreo Smoothie:
– Two medium size bananas
– 3 cups of milk (cold milk preferred)
– 5 pieces of oreo cookies, crush 2 pieces as topping.

* Cut bananas into smaller pieces.
* Pour the milk into the blender.
* Put the bananas and 3 pieces of oreos into the milk.
* Blend until smooth.
* Pour into cups and top with crushed oreos.


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