Home Activity: Jelly Messy Play

By Shaharina Saad

Lets do messy play today! There are many types of messy play for children.  You can use sand, flour, water, paint… oh the possibility is endless!What about an edible messy play? Why not jelly messy play then?

Photo: Alimkids Bukit Jelutong

Messy play with jelly can be very beneficial for the children such as the following:

  • In terms of sensory, it lets the children experience the senses of touch of the jiggly jelly, sight- if the jelly is coloured, smell- if the jelly is fragrant and taste- if the jelly is flavoured.
  • Allows the children to play independently as they explore the “mess”.
  • Helps the children to develop their fine motor skills as they try to squish the jelly or scooping into a small container. This will also improve their hands eye coordination.
  • The children will also learn how to focus and concentrate.

Make the jelly messy play interesting by using 2 to 4 colours and flavours of jelly. Smash the jellies and pour into a shallow container. Provide spoon or scoop, small bowl and some toys (clean it first) for the children to dig or bury in the smashed jellies.

Let the children do whatever they want and play in whatever way according to their imagination and creativity for hours of fun.  And don’t forget to get the children to help clean up after playing!

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